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New documentary follows the extraordinary women fighting domestic violence in Turkey  

An international group of female journalists and film makers has come together to highlight amazing women taking dramatic action to stop domestic violence and murder of women in Turkey.  DYING TO DIVORCE, a brand new observational documentary from Chloe Fairweather and the Fuller Project For International Reporting, will have its official crowdfunding launch on 22nd October at Somerset House.

Divorce is legal in Turkey but many women face mortal danger when they try to leave their partners. Nearly three hundred women were killed last year alone ­ the majority after they asked for a divorce. And some men are literally getting away with murder by arguing that they were ‘provoked’ by their wives. The film will follow a group of women lawyers, activists, MP’s and survivors as they tackle this violence head­on; fighting to change the law and to bring violent husbands to justice.

dying to divorce

Director Chloe Fairweather said ‘I hope to create something that addresses not just the problems in Turkey but provides an inspiration to other groups around the world trying to tackle the global issue of violence against women. I am also interviewing perpetrators to really explore the deeper motivations behind this violence’.

The film will profile two high profile two cases of women who were left severely disabled after alleged attacks by their husbands, including a former television news presenter. It will also follow  MP Aylin Nazlıaka − who famously threatened to throw her shoe at the sexist deputies she faced in parliament, triggering a huge twitter campaign − as she pushes for a change in the provocation law.

As part of the crowdfunding campaign to make the film, the filmmakers will be holding a fundraising meal on 24th October at L’atelier, in Dalston. The meal has been specially designed in collaboration with Topik – Food without Borders – a food project and catering service which brings together food & cultures beyond their borders to discover forgotten and unknown stories. Topik chef, Irem Aksu, has curated a unique three course menu especially for this evening, inspired by diverse cultures of the Ottoman Empire including Jewish, Greek, Armenian, Kurdish, Arabic and other local cuisines from asia minor. You can see the full menu here

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