Holly Allan

The New Wave of Women Artists

In light of a new wave of female artists who are leading the way in the music industry and championing their own careers (and bodies), its got me all nostalgic about the women who started it all off, and who have set the bar high for our generations leading ladies. We pay homage to some of the OG’s and check out who they are passing flames of firey girl power to.

Grunge icon from The Smashing Pumpkins marrying incredible bass playing with a serious drug addiction, Darcy Wretzky has all the makings of a true rock and roll icon but with better sunglasses than the boys. Carrying all the same attitude is Alana Grusome of Joanna Grusome.

The singing, songwriting and dancing sensation that is Kate Bush demonstrates so perfectly the vast spectrum of sexy. From the sensual movements of the perfectly choreographed and executed ‘Running Up That Hill’ to the more overt ‘Babooshka’, Kate’s sex appeal oozes from the inside out, not from the male gaze. FKA Twigs is an obvious successor after her 2014 offering LP1, an album catapulting female desire and control into the mainstream.

FKA Twigs performing at Coachella

FKA Twigs performing at Coachella

With Bikini Kill and Le Tigre,  Kathleen Hanna showed us punchy and confident, as well as singing about her girl crushes and promoting the fluidity of sexuality. Her latest antics include performing with Miley Cyrus and Against Me!’s Laura Jane Grace in aid and awareness of homeless LGBTQ+ youth. Debatable as she is, similarities can be seen between Hanna and Cyrus, namely the debatable-ness.

Even now, Lil Kim is still relevant and still evil. One of the few rap artists at the time who were not only able to run with the boys, but run circle around them. Brooke Candy is the only gal even close to following up this bad bitch.

Perhaps the most level headed and yet the most punk person ever is Brody Dalle. Who else do you know that has a tattoo on their shoulder saying ‘fuck off’? Dalle led her band of boys in The Distillers and Spinerette just as well as Romily Alice did with the Japanese Voyeurs. Even though Japanese Voyeurs died a very sad death in 2010, and even though they only ever released one album, Romily deserves a mention for her strange and thought provoking exploration into childbirth and motherhood. Challenging her ‘maternal instincts’, Alice wrote concept  album Yolk expressing this. Also i don’t think anyone has ever made such a fragile and feminine voice sound so punk.

Courtney Love in 2014

Courtney Love in 2014

With Hole, Courtney Love projected kinderwhore into the mainstream, promoted feminist and DIY ethics to the masses and fronted one of the biggest grunge bands of the era. Also lets all just remember the time she threw meat at Madonna at the MTV music awards. No one has or possibly ever will do things as insane as she has done, so as of yet she has no successor.

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