Kate Crudgington

Why Wilkinson Swords new Bikini Quattro advert cuts me up

Currently, I can’t find the new advertisement for Wilkinson’s Bikini Quattro Razor anywhere on the internet. Let’s hope the creators have been heckled to within an inch of their hair-free lives by feminists, and have therefore had to remove the ridiculous video.

There are certainly more important things to concern yourself with than unruly body hair, but if you’ve watched the recent advertisement for Wilkinson’s product, you might be led to think it’s at the top of every woman’s agenda. Men can walk around with beards the size of bird’s nests under their noses, but if women have one stray pube: OH MY GOD. CATASTROPHE.

“You can’t possibly have fun, or be free, unless your pubes have been cropped to perfection” – That’s not a direct quote, but it’s implied by the young woman in the advert, reading her poorly written script. She says something about spontaneous skinny-dipping, then thanks her lucky stars she’d had the sense to use Wilkinson’s razor on her bits before this opportunity presented itself. I mean, can you imagine the absolute SHAME of skinny-dipping with all your pubes intact? That is simply HORRIFYING. WHAT WOULD EVERYONE THINK/SAY? THE THOUGHT MAKES ME WANT TO CRY.


Here’s an idea: if anyone ever tries to shame you and your pubes, smile politely, walk up to them, and proceed to rub your furry friends all over their thigh whilst they scream in horror. I haven’t tried the technique myself, but I imagine it works absolute wonders on the offender (I’d like to see that portrayed in all of Wilkinson’s future adverts).

The advert indirectly brings up the recurring question women face on a daily basis: to shave, or not to shave? Ultimately, it’s your choice and NO-ONE CARES, but adverts like this make women self-conscious about the issue. I considered disclosing what parts of my body I shave in this article, and my reasons for doing so, but then I remembered: It’s my body, my choices, and I don’t have to justify them to anyone.

The reason I felt compelled to write is simply because I’m tired of the way adverts like this imply that women who don’t shave are a) not ‘free’ or fun, and b) unlikely to get laid. The link between sex and shaving in advertisements is as irritating as the rash that most women get after hacking away at their bikini lines with bits of blunt metal. Women with pubes get laid, women without pubes get laid. Is it the same scenario for men? Probably, but at least they’re not being told by the media to remove all evidence they ever hit puberty.

This has clearly been a platform for my ranting, rather than an intelligent, informative article, but seriously: be as hairy as you like, anywhere you like, and don’t forget: life goes on regardless of whether or not you buy this utterly shit razor.

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