Megan Sykes

PRESSURE: A short film on the pressures of growing up a woman

PRESSURE from whitebalancepictures on Vimeo.

“‘Pressure’ is a film I made as I was coming to the end of my high school years, and I wanted to create a compilation of everything I had experienced growing up as a girl around body image and confidence, and all the unrealistic beauty standards that had been forced upon me from a young age that gave me a very twisted view of myself. This film was initially intended to be a personal reflection of my childhood, however as I made it and shared the ideas with other girls my age, more and more people related to it, and it became increasingly important for me to have the film represent not just my own experiences, but the feelings and thoughts of plenty of other girls who had gone through the exact same thing. The film soon became less of a memoir, and more of a collective representation of the struggles and the pressure of growing up as a girl in the modern world.” – Megan Sykes, director.

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