Kate Crudgington

No More Page 3: The Fight Continues

When news broke on the 19th of January 2015 that The No More Page 3 campaign had achieved their goal of having the bare breasts removed from Page 3 of The Sun newspaper; there was a collective sigh of relief and celebration from campaigners across the nation.

Through their social media accounts the No More Page 3 campaigners thanked all those who had signed the petition, attended demonstrations and supported the tremendous efforts of the team. Unfortunately, their success was short-lived: The Sun re-introduced a Page 3 feature just three days after supposedly dropping it from their paper.  No More Page Three responded in a brave and humble manner, posting this message on their twitter and facebook profiles:

“So it seems the fight might be back on.
Thanks to The Sun for all the publicity they’ve given the campaign
See you tomorrow NMP3ers

Immediately, discussions about The Sun’s actions began to take place. People were openly voicing their disappointment and anger about the issue and how The Sun’s recent actions re-enforced just how little they valued the opinions of women.  Laura Bates (founder of The Everyday Sexism Project) and Sarah Ditum (New Statesman Journalist) both wrote fantastic articles articulating how insensitive and hypocritical the newspaper’s behaviour was. Fortunately, it seems The Sun’s publicity stunt has backfired: the original petition has gained over 16,000+ more signatures since the paper brought back Page 3.

It’s exhausting having to re-explain why Page 3 is an out-dated and unnecessary institution, that the efforts to have it removed are not actions of censorship, and that this is an issue worth addressing. The Sun may have won this battle, but No More Page Three will win the war. Read the words of the brilliant women referenced in this article, sign the petition and remember: Boobs aren’t news, they don’t belong in a national newspaper. It really is that simple.

2 thoughts on “No More Page 3: The Fight Continues

  1. Hi, I totally agree with you. However, unfortunately The Sun is the biggest selling newspaper in the country, so they have the backing of their readers. This says a lot about the level of intelligence amongst the general public, and is a worrying, if not depressing thought!

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