Introducing the UK’s First Anti-Feminist Political Party

Mike Buchanan is angry. Men have been underrepresented and alienated for too long, and it’s the feminist’s fault.

Mike dreams that one day, men too will sit in Parliament, will be represented in media and will hold positions of power. And that’s why he set up his new party, ‘Justice for Men and Boys (and the women who love them)’. He had previously been a member of the Conservative Party, but left when David Cameron announced support for all-women shortlists. Buchanan and two other J4MB members will be standing in the next general election.

Uniquely catchy name aside, the party stands for many serious and important issues, such as the injustice that men apparently pay 72% of the UK’s total income tax to women’s 28%, a discrepancy which definitely has nothing to do with men being paid higher salaries than women. (If it’s even true, that is: I said ‘apparently’ because the citation on this point in their manifesto links back to Buchanan’s own blog. Other citations throughout the document include Wikipedia and several MRA platforms.)

He describes feminism as a ‘hatred’ which ‘should be no more acceptable that calling yourself a bigot or a sexist or a fascist.’ Too, he says the state is ‘hostile’ to men, despite the fact that there are more male MPs in Parliament today than there have been women ever, that women are paid on average 10% less in full time jobs (far more in part time) and that up to 30,000 women are sacked each year for becoming pregnant.


In any case, Buchanan spends an enormous amount of energy in promoting hostility to women. Reading through his ludicrous manifesto, there is far more vitriol directed at women and the progress that has been made for their rights than there is compassion for men. He wants to reduce women’s right to have an abortion from 24 weeks down to 13, to have zero state subsidies for lesbians to access sperm banks, and for an inquiry to be held into the ‘blatant anti-male bias of the Crown Prosecution service’ in rape cases. The same prosecution service which sees only a 3% conviction rate of rapes which are reported to the police.

In an interview with Buzzfeed, he conceded that ‘I guess our target demographic is more men than women.

The thing is, there are issues that men face uniquely as a result of a toxic culture of masculinity, and dare I say, not all of Buchanan’s points are stupid; for example, that ‘more needs to be done to equip Armed Forces personnel for life after the military,’ as male veterans make up a disproportionate amount of our country’s homeless population, and the need to determine a practical strategy to reduce the high rates of male suicide.

But representing problems that men do face as a result of the feminists who ‘hate’ them is so absurd, it’s pitiable. Ultimately, Buchanan sees the progress of women as an atrocity because it challenges an established order which he benefits so profusely from.

2 thoughts on “Introducing the UK’s First Anti-Feminist Political Party

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