Kate Crudgington

The Hymen Myth

I am twenty-four and I only discovered the truth about hymens a year ago. I watched Laci Green’s video about ‘The Hymen Myth’ and I was a) amazed and b) annoyed that I had been misled. Sex education taught girls at my school that their hymens would ‘break’ the first time they had sex. We were also taught that it would hurt and that we would probably bleed afterwards (I think most of us crossed our legs and vowed to become Nuns at this point.) As Laci Green explains in her video, the word ‘break’ is laced with negative connotations: it is not an appropriate or accurate term to use when describing hymens to adolescent girls. Hymens are not ‘popped’ or ‘broken’, they are stretched throughout a girl’s lifetime, adjusting to accommodate whatever is being placed inside them (tampons, fingers, penises etc.) This means that absolutely nothing is ‘broken’ or taken away from a girl the first time she has sex. This knowledge is so empowering and quite frankly, relieving, that I am embarrassed to be a twenty-four year old who has had sex, and has only just realised this.

So, if you feel as misled as I do, watch Laci Green’s video and take a look at the information below. I’m not just spouting vaginal propaganda, I have found another source of information that supports the breaking of the hymen myth too:

The social importance placed on the hymen is ridiculous, but it can be overcome with more accurate explanations of the membrane, and better emphasis on its insignificant role in the loss of female virginity. Ultimately: hymens: are a piece of cake (they’re donut-shaped, remember?)

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