Dapper Laughs Axed from ITV

When you blog for a website that mainly focuses on issues of sexism, injustice and everything else which makes up life’s rich tapestry of shit, it’s rare that the subject of your writing fills you with warmth – much less an all encompassing glee. But every so often life throws a gem, and in what seems like about five minutes, the power of the internet has managed to stop misogynist ‘comedian’ Dapper Laughs in his tracks.

If you haven’t yet had the misfortune to come into acquaintance with his work, Dapper Laughs is the alter ego of Daniel O’Reilly, Vine celebrity and the star of his own ‘dating’ show on ITV… but not for long. Following a petition amounting to over 60,000 signatures, ITV has decided not to commission a second series of the show. This is quite a turnaround from their initial reaction to complaints, when they stated that “all humour is subjective… his unique brand of banter and brash charm is neither sexist nor degrading to women”.

Well if they say so.

Some examples of humour which are ‘neither sexist nor degrading to women’ coming from this heinous individual include choice phrases such as:

  • “If she cries, she’s just playing hard to get.”
  • “Get your arm swing just right when you’re walking and you occasionally touch a bit of minge by ‘mistake’… they love it.”
  • “If she’s looking at me and playing with her hair, by the end of the night she’ll need a wheelchair.”
  • “Girls have periods. I call that ‘blow job week’. What you need to do is get four girlfriends – then it’s four weeks of blowies.”

dapper laughs

In similarly fantastic news, Cardiff SU has cancelled a tour date he held there following complaints of his all round being an abysmal person, and homelessness charity Shelter announced they wouldn’t accept any money made from his charity Christmas album – the same charity album in which he shouts at a “tramp” that they “smell like shit.”

While it’s upsetting that his brand of humour was ever given space on a mainstream channel, the success and speed in which Dapper Laughs is being stripped of his platform is encouraging. It shows that when enough of us talk, powerful people are forced to listen.

Dapper Laughs is a symptom, not the cause, of a misogynist ‘lad’ culture which strives to construct women only as a collection of their orifices. But there is no doubt that our TV screens will be all the better off without him.

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