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Father of Ched Evans’ Victim Pleads with Footballer to Stop the ‘Innocence Campaign’ Which is ‘Destroying Her Life’

“Rape is the only crime in which the victim becomes the accused.” – Freya Adler

The father of the woman who was raped by Ched Evans has called on the former Sheffield United player to end his ‘innocence campaign’, which he feels will destroy his daughter. In a statement to the Mail on Sunday, he said;

“He’s shown no remorse and every time he makes some fresh appeal or comment, he draws attention to my daughter and risks her being identified and found… She is living the life of a prisoner.”

She – the victim of a horrific and violent crime – has already had to move away from her family and change her name three times as a result of the death threats coming from Evans’ supporters.

Even though he was convicted by a jury with the verdict upheld on appeal, Evans continues to maintain his innocence. In a video statement, he apologised only for his ‘infidelity,’ as if cheating on his girlfriend is the reason he was given a five year jail sentence.

It seems especially infuriating for anyone to accuse her of ‘lying’ or ‘gold-digging’, given the woman in question did not even accuse him of rape, initially. Rather, when she woke up in a strange hotel with no memory of the night before, she called the police for help after suspecting she had been drugged. It was only when Evans was interviewed in connection with the night that she found out about the act. Evans admitted arriving at the hotel after friend Clayton McDonald had told him he ‘had a girl’ there, that he had asked said friend if he could ‘get involved‘, whilst his brother and a different friend waited outside the window with a video camera. Evans admitted all of this freely, without ever considering that it was rape.

A teeny glimpse into the abyss of the internet will show you multitudes of people defending Evans, saying the act was not rape, but a one night stand. Quite possibly the reason Evans has garnered such huge support (besides y’know, entrenched misogyny and an unfathomable societal distrust of any woman who says she has been raped) is that the case forces men to confront their own past relationships with consent.

Entirely too many people do not understand that the absence of a ‘no’ does not equate to a ‘yes’. Just because a woman is not fighting and screaming, does not mean that she has consented to sex.

A website in support of Evans, allegedly run by his girlfriend and family, has released the CCTV of the victim arriving at the hotel, despite neither the police nor the hotel consenting to its release. This risks the woman’s identity being revealed once again. Evans has not been rehabilitated, still refusing to understand that his actions were criminal. He remains a danger to women, and he has been released far too soon.

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