What Rhymes with ‘Misogynistic Fuckwit’?

In perhaps the world’s most spectacularly ill thought out PR stunt, Robin Thicke has taken to Twitter to orchestrate a Q+A between himself and his legions of adoring fans. Using the hashtag #AskThicke, the idea was to promote the creeptastic new album he wrote for his estranged wife Paula Patton… you know, that album which includes tracks with names like ‘Lock the Door’ and ‘Still Madly Crazy.’ Exactly the kind of thing you would want from your soon to be ex-husband, after he had cheated on you numerous times and made an emotionally abusive music video in which he shared your private messages.

I don’t know what kind of hapless social media intern thought this was going to go well, or what kind of questions they were hoping to receive; ‘Where do you find such snugly fitting trousers?,’ ‘What does Pharrell smell like?’ or ‘Are you still trying to work out what rhymes with “hug me”?’

In any case, what followed is a truly remarkable show of the power and the humour of the internet:

Now, I’m not ready to put my faith back in the general public just yet – after all, it was the general public who made Blurred Lines the best selling single of 2013 – but the response to #AskThicke was glorious and it was satisfying. It’s highly unlikely he’s ever going to respond to the most popular questions, but there’s no harm in joining the party. As long as gleeful feminists like me are finding the whole thing endlessly amusing, it’s not too late to join in.

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