Zena Agha

5. Isla Vista: Misogyny, Terrorism and Hypocrisy

Zena Agha

Let’s get one thing straight, if you replace the word ‘infidel’ for every time Elliot Rodger said ‘women/girl’ in his video or 140-page manifesto, America and the world would have branded ‘terrorism’ onto every newspaper headline following the Isla Vista massacre in California last week. Hell, Obama would have given a national address on TV, there would’ve been a manhunt all over town and one more broke-ass Muslim country would probably have been invaded – my money’s on one of the -Stans. If Rodger was a psycho extremist and not a psycho misogynist then the police who questioned him beforehand would have shipped him off to Guantanamo faster than he could have said ‘Al-Qaeda’ and not walked out, unconcerned, describing him as a ‘wonderful human being’. If he were to have said: ‘you infidels…I will punish you all for it’ (as opposed to girls) or ‘I…

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