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There is a special circle of hell for Samantha Brick, and it’s full of cake

I desperately don’t want to write about Samantha Brick. God knows I wrote enough about her last time she opened her mouth and said something idiotic. But the bile rising in my throat and the anger shaking through my fingers will not be controlled unless I type through the hatred, so here I am.

Samantha Brick is the kind of human being who does not even deserve hatred. She most certainly doesn’t deserve column inches, and the problem with my hatred for her is that it bumps her column inches up to column miles – which is what she is paid for and why she writes them.

If you were wondering, Samantha Brick is the woman who came out on the Daily Mail last year and said that other women hated her for being beautiful. I wrote an article about how she had massively missed the point – what a brilliant idea to talk about woman-on-woman rivalry and jealousy and lack of support, but instead she had over-scandalised it to the point it was entirely and only about her own self-proclaimed “beauty”.

I debated for a long time whether to write a response to her moronic ramblings, but in the end she had already made it into the Most Read Article Online in the World Ever, so I thought my small contribution to that would hardly make a difference.


The trouble with Brick is she is now paid by the Mail Online to write as controversial articles as possible about women and beauty and weight, because they haul in a ridiculously high number of readers. She is the ultimate wind-up merchant. Does she truly believe these things? Did she really spend “the best part of a year” eating ONLY “marmite on toast (no butter)”? Of course she didn’t. It’s not biologically feasible, she would have been extremely unwell. But does she truly want the massive pay check the Mail are waving at her if she writes she believes these things? Oh yes she does.

This time, however, she has gone too far. In many ways, I wish I wasn’t writing this. I desperately, desperately don’t want this article to go viral, I don’t want you to go and search and read it (I’ve got quotes here! STAY AWAY!), I don’t want it to get ANY EXPOSURE AT ALL, PLEASE.

But, equally, I cannot ignore it. She is a poisonous, dangerous writer, and I am genuinely concerned about the effects this new article may have on, particularly, younger girls. There is a difference between writing bullshit in order to annoy people/get reads/earn enough for a small motorboat, and disregarding all sense of responsibility towards younger, impressionable readership and placing vulnerable girls in genuine danger of eating disorders.

“I am 42 years old and have been on a permanent diet for the past 30 years,” says Brick. “The logic is simple and irrefutable: any self-respecting woman wants to be thin, and to be thin you need to spend your life on a diet.”

Hear that girls? Self-respect is wanting to starve yourself. Self-respect is that innate, burning desire to be desperately unhappy, never enjoy food, and punish yourself constantly. Self-respect is knowing you can never be good enough.

It’s funny. I spend 60% of my time writing about encouraging women to achieve self-respect, and 40% of my time talking to and planning how to talk to young girls about achieving that self-respect. Little did I know, Brick’s expert “thinness” tips have solved these problems for me. Next time I mistakenly try to encourage self-respect among young women, I might just hand out cereal bars.

What makes me sadder, and is even more dangerous, is Brick’s next comment. “I have only ever dated men who kept a strict eye on my figure. My partners are not only boyfriends but weight-loss coaches. My first love continually reminded me that one can never be too rich or too thin, and my husband of five years frequently tells me that if I put on weight he will divorce me.”

This is not self-respect, or normal weight consciousness. This is a basic case of domestic abuse.

It infuriates, because this is what Brick wanted all along. She and her inflated pay checks are very much hoping an angry feminist like me will sit down and write “THIS WOMAN IS SO OPPRESSED”.  Her comment that “I fainted with hunger on one occasion – a minor hitch, eclipsed by the fact that I was being asked out on lots of dates,” is carefully engineered to enrage people and inspire higher readership figures.

But there are young girls out there who are in real situations of domestic abuse, just like the one she cites, who have now had that situation normalised. Brick has told them that it’s not domestic abuse, it’s actually ok – in fact, it’s the kind of relationship we should aspire to.

My only justification for writing this article, is to say this: GIRLS, IT’S NOT. Please, if you are in a similar situation, where a man is threatening you to make you lose weight, or constantly telling you you are not good enough, that is not normal, that is not ok, and there are people you can talk to about it.

Brick is writing these things purely for attention, for ‘likes’, and ultimately for money. But she must not persuade you to believe that being threatened by a boyfriend or husband to lose weight is a normal situation to be in. She has written lies, but, most importantly, she has written dangerous lies.

It blows my mind that Brick is a sick enough human being to feel that this article is ok, but nevertheless, she clearly does. All we can do is support each other in not believing it. And, don’t worry, there is a special circle in hell reserved for Samantha Brick. Where the only food available is LOADS AND LOADS OF CAKE.

This article was first published on Mind on the Hop, and reproduced with the author’s permission.

11 thoughts on “There is a special circle of hell for Samantha Brick, and it’s full of cake

  1. Samantha Brick is the ultimate DM trolling tool. By writing about her you’re fuelling the flames. If we all ignore her and stop writing indignant rebuttals to her ignorant, ill-thought-out ‘articles’ hopefully she’ll go away.

    • This is true, and definitely applicable with the whole ‘I’m so beautiful everyone hates me’ article…but the one we are referring to here is potentially very damaging, and unbelievably irresponsible journalism. The projection of these views has no place on a public, widely read news source.

  2. I think what’s more important to say about this is not the content of the article, whether Samantha Brick believes these things or whether it’s attention seeking purely for hits/advertising revenue but it has to be asked why the Daily Mail consistently throws its female journalists to the wolves with op-ed pieces like this. Jan Moir is another example of this. The Mail encourages female writers to write controversial articles for the sake of controversy (which you touch upon), runs them front and centre when fundamentally the editorial buck stops with them. Men attack these women. Other women attack these women. Then we start commenting on the controversy itself. Once again The Mail creates a feedback loop of controversy using Samantha Brick’s infamy as a pawn in its game while it laughs all the way to the bank. It’s a product of patriarchy and we shouldn’t fall for it.

  3. I agree with Belle Jar. I have been in a relationship where my ‘coach’ would pinch my leg with every spoonful I ate and then follow me to the bathroom to make sure I was throwing up, amongst weighing and measuring me every time we saw each other. Brick’s article presenting this ‘normality’ is horrifically damaging, as for a long time after my ordeal I still thought it was. Luckily I now have a real partner, who loves me despite putting on over 4 stone due to medication/health conditions. (I can assure you, I certainly don’t intend on keeping it.)

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying every man can be expected to still be as attracted to you after that kind of weight gain, but it has taken this really dramatic turn in my life to realise that my current partner is what a good relationship should be like. Having a man who, in public and private, will tell me how he still loves me and my body, and means it, is truly wonderful.

    This woman is the devil-incarnate. And let’s hope that cake is force fed to her with tubes in every possible crevice. After all, not like there’s much difference between her arse and her mouth.

  4. She might be an idiot, but the fact remains that being a healthy weight and not carrying unnecessary fat is important for your self esteem, success and well being. If she puts it crudely and in a patronising and tasteless way, at least she’s not one of those ghastly people who is happy to tell everyone they’re all just fine as they are. Lots of people could do with losing a bit, it would save everyone money and time.

    • Re: Casual Observer

      Of course it is important to be healthy. However, Brick’s article is NOT advocating healthiness. She is saying being thin and attractive is by far the most important thing in the world; not healthiness. Not once does she mention the importance of exercise, or the benefits of a balanced diet. Instead she talks about starvation methods and how the hunger pangs that follow give her a “buzz”. I reiterate, this is not an article about healthiness. It is an article that borders on promoting eating disorders, and it is dangerous that this has had such high media attention.

      No, we should not ignore weight problems; obesity in this country is obviously an issue. But being thin is not equal to being healthy. I know many people who are on the larger side who exercise and eat healthily; they are simply built on a larger scale.

      There is a way to tackle obesity problems; this article is not it.

  5. Great article and reply, thank you. Agree that the Mail does this with its female columnists – Liz Jones being a case in point. Why??!

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  7. I regret to say that I read her article from the link you included. Honestly, I can’t tell if she is serious or not. many women DO think like this, so I am tempted to say it’s legitimate. Mind-boggling and obscenely idiotic, I don’t see how this view has helped her to the degree that she believes. I haven’t heard of her until 2 minutes ago, and she doesn’t seem remarkable in any other way.

    This combination of extreme ego and extensive self-hatred is the worst thing that any young woman could be exposed to.I just can’t get my head around this. Frankly, I’d be angry if I wasn’t so dumbfounded by her article. There’s just nothing redeeming about it. I’m not worried about writing about it- about giving her “attention.” I’m not buying into it one bit, and that’s the important thing.

    Thank you fro bringing this into the light and reminding me of why I want to recover from my ED and be HEALTHY…not her.

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