Happy Birthday to the Everyday Sexism Project


Yesterday marked the first anniversary of The Everyday Sexism Project, the brainchild of Laura Bates intending to focus a spotlight on all of those little acts of sexism that may seem harmless individually, but day in, day out, Christ do they start to rack up. The project has now spread to 15 countries, and has attracted over 250,000 submissions. Here are a few of our favourites -for want of a better word – courtesy of their twitter page.


Yep buddy – no matter that she might not appreciated being objectified by strangers herself, that could well be someone else’s property you’re degrading.


I’m sure their comments were totally complimentary and appropriate, she does sound like a bitch.


Exactly this – casual sexism is so widely accepted. Taking a stand against it is seen as something to laugh at. Why? It’s annoying and dehumanising. “Calm down love.” No.

Money = Man's domain

Way to pantronise your customers, utility companies!


More or less every-day once you hit puberty, if not before. Pipe down, creepy men. I know it’s kind of novel that we’re allowed out in public at all, but please let us walk the streets in peace.


In a similar vein to the last one. Because obviously the impetus should be on the women to not get harassed, rather than the men not doing any harassing.


Good example about how patriarchal notions of domesticity harm men too.


And they say romance is dead. 


Oh she was asking for it? Well never mind then, clearly just a misunderstanding.


I despair.

and finally, a word from everyone’s favourite Zombie hunter, Simon Pegg. What a boss.


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